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$ 47.62
(One Time)

Demo Site BUY
Server Requirements
Php 5.6
İoncube 10

Unlimited Order

You can receive an unlimited number of orders.

Adding Unlimited Products and Categories

You have the chance to add unlimited product and category.

Demo is the Turkish version.
Delivery according to your country language.
Order online.
Please make your order now.
What is the difference from other scripts?

 We offer a special mobile application to your site (Android and iOS)
We Provide Unlimited Web Hosting. (FTP Information is Delivered to You.)
You can learn how much money you earn by means of net gain system. We do not say balance loads. We have developed a system that calculates how much you have earned from direct orders. (ONE of us in the world)
You can get an order with a username or link.
Please turn on your profile if the profile is hidden, please note that error message occurs when placing your order.
@xxx profile or the ongoing order for a photo likeness while the current order is unable to place the link on or on behalf of the user 2. In this way the biggest problem of smm panels 2 order completed error is eliminated.
We are freeing you from bulk sms shipping fees to your members.
In order to find the customer, we can make the necessary automation and collect the gsm number according to the sector.
Drip feed feature is available on the site even if you do not have drip feed you can add services.
You can make automatic winnings, watches or record sales and increase your winnings.
You can add automatic services in the form of packages. (It takes x2 times your winnings.)
You have a chance to identify the support department (ONE in the world)


General features

- 4 Different Payment Methods (PayTR, Paywant, Buypayer and shopier) Automatic Collection.
- User sms verification system, password renewal system with Sms.
- You can send bulk message to your customers with email and sms systems.
- You can automate orders by adding API.
- No refunds are made automatically.
- You can write to the specific areas of the panel via the admin panel.
- Log system with members can review the operations.
- You can freeze the accounts of passive members by a date.
- Your customers can shoot api from your site.
- You can see the total balance loading amount.
- Automatic api check that the balance of the sites.
- With the support system, you can help with the problems of the members.
- Outside API system, support system, registration, drip feed etc. many functions can be active or passive.
- You can make member-specific pricing.
- You can share your announcements with the announcement system.
- You can get an order with username or link.
- Automatically detects and fills the system's beginnings.
- With net gain system you can calculate your turnover. (If you sell the product you bought for 1 TL with 50 kurus profit, the system will calculate it)
- You can send gsm number and send ad with hashtags you will determine via Instagram.
- You can send bulk messages from whatsapp for free to your customers.
- Drip-Feed feature available. You can make this action active / passive even if the api site does not provide drip-feed.
- You can add auto-appreciation, viewing and saving services.
- Manual notification is active. You can inform us about the orders that you add manually by SMS.
- If you have finished your balance on the site or if a different problem is present, you can place the orders again and leave them on hold.
- Precautions not to be placed on the same profile 2 times. (Smm panel's biggest problem is solved this way.)
- If the profile is hidden, the system gives the "Your profile is hidden" warning.
- You can review your 365 daily statistics reports. (Payment Orders)
- When adding a service, you can specify the receiving time for the "Same profile" from that service. Example: "1 order is entered for 1 profile in this service within 24 hours".
And there are many features available. Every customer who has purchased from the upcoming updates will benefit from "Free".

Installation Instructions

Installation can be done free support request can open.

Update Version History

Version 1.1

Demo is the Turkish version.
Delivery according to your country language.
Order online.
Please make your order now.

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SMM Panel Scripts - Cheap SMM Scripts

SMM Panel Scripts - Cheap SMM Scripts

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